Color OL and Init Color issue

Wanted to use Color over life to fade it’s alpha over life and wanted to give a uniform value to switch between 2 colors Purple and blue in this example. In any case I couldn’t do it for obvious reasons.

Ended up inserting an Initial colors but again for obvious reasons they didn’t work between them. I ended up creating 2 different emitters with the 2 colors, It appears that I found a bug as well? No idea but it crashed both rendering of those 2 emitters after what i tried before with color over life and init color because they would both spawn but would not render. So i deleted color over life from both and re-add it to fix the rendering problem.

In any case, How can we use a random coloring and a proper alpha fading if we cannot use init color and over life color? Init color can’t fade over life.

I don’t know why it is crashing but some things to know(if you dont know already) Inıt Color and Color over Life don’t work together, if you had them both in the same emitter. Scale Color/Life works with both though. In any case, Color Over Life alone should do what you are trying to achieve so maybe you missed something with your material setup?

I know what you mean and yes i know they don’t, I was just saying that they should work together if one of the two has empty value (example a curve without points). It was more of a request.

Also no in color over life it will not take a color and keep it over life if you use uniform, It will just keep changing colors. Try it.

Hey DieByZer0 -

Use Scale Color / Life instead of Color Over Life. This will allow you to control the color and alpha as you are describing. Initial Color will establish your base alpha and color and the control over time will be in the Scale Color over life.

Thank You

Eric Ketchum