Collisions Performance Optimization

Hey all,

I am new to Unreal, as I have previously worked in Unity. I was wondering about collisions and how to optimize performance on complex objects. Certain objects would need multiple colliders to ensure accurate collision, but this is heavier on performance. Multiply this by dozens/hundreds of objects and issues could come about. My question is this: would it be better to add the complex collision to the objects and call it a day, or put 1 or 2 larger collisions on, and whenever the player gets close to them, make a script that would enable the complex colliders? Which would increase performance, the constant colliders, or calling the new ones in script? Also, what would you say would be the maximum number of colliders that a simple object should have before it becomes too much, and at that point should I switch to complex collision?

Sorry for the newbie question; I am still learning the engine as well as C++, the only language I have worked in is C#.
Thank you, everybody, for your help!