Collisions not working using rock from unreal

I put the rock that comes from UE into my current level, and checked make complex as simple in SM editor, yet my hero template that comes with UE and is working fine on terrain, won’t collide with the rock mesh, yet the very simple torus mesh I exported from blender collides just fine, and afaik I never created a coll mesh for the torus nor do I recall a auto feature that adds it during fbx export ?

Any idea whats up here, using 4.4.3.

thx :wink:

If I remember correctly there may have been an issue with Complex as Simple collision in 4.4, but I can’t remember for certain since that was a while back. I do remember it being a problem for a little while there until it was fixed though.


You can still use auto-convex collision generation from the menu in the static mesh editor. This can generate a fairly accurate collision mesh for you as well.

HI and thx for reply, but when I try to assign auto convex tomesh in sm editor, all it does is create a ‘tab’ in detail panel, bottom left, and doesn’t open convex coll window which Its suppose to, any idea ?

EDIT: Turns out, what looked to be a ‘tab’ to click or double click on, need to be dragged to TOP of detail menu. I guess 4.4.3 had a tiny bug ? whereby it opened at the bottom making its settings not visible . Odd but there it is , and its working fine now :slight_smile:

As noted in my first post, I had no trouble at all colliding with a ‘torus’ exported from blender via fbx format, so I think there must be something not quite right about this mesh, I"ll therefore try exporting out and see if anything is wrong and reexport from blender fbx, see if that fixes it.


Could you probably upload the file somewhere so that we can take a look at it (or a picture)? + check if you are really not abel to see the collision window (right bottom side) :slight_smile:

That was part of the bug. Rama had originally posted about it. It would work in once instance and then not in another. That has been resolved. Again, not too sure of the specifics since that was quite a while back now.