Collision Trigger on character

Hey guys, I’m trying throw something small at an AI character, and upon collision I’d like the “struck” character to shrink into nothing. I cant really seem to get it to work as I’m not very familiar with the nodes yet. Any Ideas?


in your Character Blueprint add a collission box or sphere. In the collission Settings of the box or sphere you can Change the behavior. Like ignore pawn or enemy and whatnot. In the graph select the collission component and in the Details tab you can click on any Event you like, like overlapping.

From that node that is now created you can set your characters size to somewhat to 0.1 or lower (right click, search for size. You’ll find the right one). After that you can destroy the actor. To Change the size over time you have to use the timeline Feature. Hope this helps.

For the sake of testing, (This is for VR btw), I threw a small sphere at the actor. The sphere bounced off and rolled away. Now, the actor isn’t destroyed by the object, but if i walk up and touch it, (with VR hand), its destroyed. I want the thrown object to stay, but the actor to become destroyed. For whatever reason, I can’t find a clear explanation on how collision triggers work, or why I can’t get this to happen. I believe I have the collisions set correctly, as the thrown object recognizes that the actor is there. The actor just doesn’t seem to recognize that it’s being hit with an object, or that I want it to be destroyed upon collision with that object.

UPDATE: I have it to the point where my thrown object will cause the actor to shrink (finally!). But it seems as though I need to have gravity disabled or he will fall on the start of the game and shrink when he touches the floor.