Collision seems offset on Vive?

Hi There,

I have built a small area consisting of a couple of buildings with some rooms to connect them. They were built in Max and exported out as fbx and imported into Unreal. The assets don’t have custom collision yet and are set as “UseComplexCollisionAsSimple” with BlockAll. It’s a very simple scene with just a few static meshes and lights.

Everything works properly when i play the standard selected view port, you can easily run through the space, no collision issues.

However, if you try it with VR Preview, its like the collision geo is offset or something, door collision openings not aligned, walls away from the visible geo, etc… its really hard to try and move through the space. Things look OK if I Alt-C to view the collision, and like I said, it works fine when run in Selected viewport instead of VR Preview.

I have noticed the same problem if I create a new level using VR-Basic. I can pass through the objects in the scene, knocking them occasionally but for the most part, just running through them, I’m also able to pass through some of the bordering walls.

I am using a VIVE with Unreal 4.12.5

Any help of what I am doing wrong would be very, very appreciated.


The HMD is attached to the character capsule, and the character capsule is at the center of your play space, so things seem off when your HMD is not at the center of the play space. If you want to actually move the capsule to the HMD location, that’s something you’ll have to program yourself.

Thank you for the reply!

That makes sense on what I am seeing. I’ll look into it and give it a shot!

Thanks again!