Collision problem

Hello. I’ve run into trouble. I’m trying to set up collision in a custom physx scene. I have a character’s capsule and a cube. There are in the custom PxScene.
If I enable “simulate physics” in a box, it collides and flies off from a character correctly. But I need a static cube. When I uncheck “simulate physics”, the character walks through the box.
The character uses standart CharacterMovementComponent and AddMovementInput for movement.
What should I change in character movement code or in box collision to make it working? Thanks in advance.

Hi Misty238,

What is your box’s object type listed as? Also what are your character and box’s collision responses set to on each channel? I ran into a similar problem in my code, and the solution had to do with them.

Hi Klerick. Thanks for the answer.

Box’s type is static mesh(PxRigidActor).

I have the following collision settings:

Bump Bump Bump

Apologies for the delayed response; work has kept me quite busy. What is the size of your box relative to the player? I just recreated the settings that you have and they work as expected, though the box that I tried it on was only a little smaller than the player character.

The scale of the box is 1.0. Do you test it in another physics scene?

Bump Bump Bump

Bump Bump Bump