Collision Problem, deleted Skeletel Mesh

Hey Guys,

i play now since a while with ue4. had no bigger problems until now. i imported some characters, with skeletons, etc. Now i tried to replace them with new meshes. So i decided to delete
the old characters.

But now when i move through my scene in game mode i have invisible collision in my scene. There where a few Characters in the Scene i deleted, and so iam not really able to move on the most parts now.
I hade some Ghost Actors i deleted in the Scene Outliner, cause the had now more Meshes on it. But if found nothing more, that could force a Collison. I searched in Forum, but exepct the Collision Filtering Thread, i found not really something.
When i press Alt+C there is nothing. I gone through all the viewport possibilites and found nothing. I thought about the DerivedDataCache of my project and renamed it behind the .ddp. But changed nothing. I rebuild everything, launched complete and restarted of course. But not luck yet.

iam a bit scared that i destroyed my scene a bit. Did you have any Ideas where i can search.
I could post a screenshot later.

greetz Spähling

Do you mean that you have replaced them in the character bp? -> When yes, then check if you can find something like a collision volume in the component tab :slight_smile: (when you find one, then just resize/delete it)


no i didnt create a blueprint for the characters. they are only placed via drag’n’drop from content browser into the scene and made a standart animation on it.

i had blueprints for the older characters, but i deleted all my blueprints for characters, execpt my character blueprint, to walk around :slight_smile:

I think we have figured it out. The physic assets from the characters were wrong. So he just had to recreate them with another collision type (e.g singel convex hull)

yeah worked great. Thanks a lot!