Collision overlay number count check for RTS

Question regarding checking overlap number.

I am working on a RTS and have a power generator that has a custom collision type I have made that is set to be power radius.

being new to coding trying to figure out how I can set set it up to have it be a condition that structure can be build in it placed inside this collision coverage or set it to allow defining of how many power overlaps it will require for structure to be able to be built

Have made a new power supply interface doc with two functions power need and power supplied… and added that interface to the power building structure and also the second structure I want to place. trying to figure out how I would set it up in the power structure so it knows to use the functions then *** power need to the building being in the ghost building placed it checks if 1 structure being placed power building range. and if number of power supplied meets need to be be able to be built.

The RTS code base for building placement I am using is done from the RTS tutorial code video for ghost building placement