Collision on assets

I love the free projects Epic provides. They are really good, pretty, well made etc. But one thing is missing, and as the title says, that is collision

The assets in the free project are really top notch quality, but when collision is missing it is hard to make use of them in our own projects. Sure, they can be used for visuals, but for creating the levels in a FPS, not so much.

So, if possible, could/would you add collision to meshes in current/future projects?

It would really speed up creation of pretty looking games.

Now with the last big update (I think 4.3) you can easily do that in the editor, because you can move your collision boxes in the static mesh editor: (2nd and 3rd way -> it’s a old video from 4.2) :slight_smile:

When you’re using the add collision in the mesh editor it can’t really do very good stuff. There are many of the assets in the free projects that can’t get good collision using the automated collision creation.

There are some bridges, gates, rocks etc. that are really way too complex for the automated system to handle.

I know there would be extra work involved when making the assets, but I believe it would be worth the investment of time for Epic to do it. More game built faster.