Collision not working for my tank(Please help)
This video shows my issue. when a object in the world is set to moveable it collides with my tank but when it is stationary it will not collide with it. I have a collider on and set to block all. so nothing can get through it. and when I spawned a thirdpersonCharacter he isnt able to go these blocks yet my tank can. if you have any advice anything would help thank you.

There are a couple of things to understand with collisions and I think the best way to understand it is if you create a new actor blueprint to use.
So. Create a new blueprint, of type actor.

Open it and after the tick, add the “add actor local offset” and add a 5 to the X vector.

Add a sphere. Drag the sphere so that it is the scene root in the hierarchy.
In the sphere details, set the collision preset to nocollision.

Next, add a box, it will be a child of the sphere by default.
Set the cubes collision to block all.

What the actor will now do is to each tick set the actors location to the current location + 5.
It will move somewhat fast forward, ignoring any other objects. Physics objects are going to freak out if it bumps into any.
The reason this is happening, is because the actor, ie the scene root, changes location and the box which has collision is forced to follow its parent. So it does not matter if the box has collision or not - for this actor anyway.

So it is the scene root that needs to have collision on.
So turn the collision of the sphere to blockAll.
But you will notice that it behaves exactly the same. That’s because you are practically warping the actor by 5 units each frame, placing it wherever the result may be.
An easy fix is to just check the sweep box which checks for collision.

some reading material: