Collision not updating with Material Updating Sphere Movement

I have a material that updates the movement of a sphere while drawing a halo around it looking like the sun, but there is just one problem. The collision mesh does not update with the physical sphere movement. What am I doing wrong ?

i.e. what I mean by “does not update with the physical sphere movement.” Its that the collision mesh or whatever that represents the collision object does not move with the physical appearance of the sphere, and so if I put the sphere on the ground all while the sphere is visually actually moving around in the sky, I can still walk into the sphere as if it was still laying on the ground in front of my character.

I’m not sure why this happens or how to fix it.

I know I have to update the collision sphere as well, but how do I do that within the material ?

If you’re using world position offset, that’s right. The collision doesn’t move, the material of the mesh moves.

If you want the real collision, you have to move the actual mesh :slight_smile:

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Thanks for your input CO. It doesn’t solve my problem though.

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There is no solution using material offset, you have to move the mesh if you want collision.

Ok. Is my assumption correct that we can’t update collision from within a material / vertex shader ?

I’m thinking it isn’t because vertex shaders are just visual.

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The material doesn’t talk about the collision at all. That’s part of the mesh.

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