Collision Meshes

I really hope you can help as its driving me rather nuts at the mo

I am working on a Flying Vehicle and its rather simple it has 4 seats at the front and a rather large compartment at the rear where it can hold another 8 seats so i have exported this as a Skeletal Mesh and i need to get a Collision Mesh on this so you can walk in to the rear area so what i have done is create a very basic version of this a long tube and made area inside in the shape of a box with a hole to walk in to.

So the Simple Collision mesh seals of the entrance to it so i can go in to the StaticMesh and say use custom Collision Mesh and select the model again and select use Complex as Simple Collision Mesh i put this into a level and i can walk up to it and into the rear area with no problems at all

So i go the Skeletal Mesh PhysicsAsset part and click on it and Say to copy CollisionMesh from Static Mesh and it brings in the Simple one everytime so when i go to it in the level i cant walk in to the rear of the vehicle

Unless i am doing something wrong can you please help me out here as i cant seem to find away around it i have searched around but cant seem to find something matching what i would like to do

Oh i am exporting the Collision Mesh out with the UCX_ at the start and i have even tried splitting it up in to different sections aswell.

I will have a number other parts that i need to add to this vehicle wings weapon pods engines and things like that and these will need to be animated as well so i need these to be Skeletal Mesh so i can do that i assume or can you animate StaticMesh on a Vehicle (FlyingVehicle)

It is possible to use scripts to generate LODs and use those for collisions: Setting up Collisions with Static Meshes in Blueprints and Python | Unreal Engine Documentation

Hi there thank you for the answer i will give that a try and see if it works with a SketetalMesh as this only reference static mesh but hopefully it will work if not will be back