Collision, i'm i missing somthing? There must be a better way?

I’m still new to UE4, but have many years working with 3d applications and have had some time with Unity. I’ve been trying to figure out how to set up collisions without needing to rebuild a low polly version over everything. There must be a simple solution for this. I am mostly concerned with interior scenes, like rooms with doorframes, stairs and such.
I’ve search and found very little useful information.
Mostly people building clunky boxed versions and it’s just too much manual work. Unity had a quite a good auto collision method, but was surprised how bad it was here. Doors become impassable and most objects become collideable blobs. I’m I missing something? Are there any good scripts.

In short I’m looking for a good workflow from arch viz moddles from 3ds max without huge amounts of hands on.

There are multiple ways to create collision mesh:

  1. Generate simple collisions in StaticMesh Editor window
  2. Use Complex collision(Real mesh data) instead of simple collision
  3. Use custom created collision in 3d software

Here is video that covers 1st and 2nd methods
And this is for 3rd

Yea I’ve seen them both and none of them really solve my problem very well. Both Simple and complex are not complex enough, making it impossible to walk around and though doorways without getting stuck. And Custom just means hours of extra work, which isn’t an option. I understand that creating super high rez collision meshes automatically would be too demanding, but a few rooms with doorways doesn’t need that high rez. But the system tries the shortest distance instead of following the original mesh when automatically added, blocking all doors, and can’t be raised above 32.
I understand that would be a bad option on large levels but if all I need is like an apartment. An automatic collisions that can do multiple rooms and open doorways from the original mesh. Unity has this. It’s irritating since I like the rest of UE, but this is a deal breaker for me.

I just imported a 1.7million verts city, and used “use complex collision as simple”, and it works great with very good fps.
And you even feel 5cm bumps walking over sidewalks.
It also has 270 materials, so UE4 is fantastic with complex assets.

My problem is i have LOTS of concave shapes where i need to walk close so it needs to be tight. Is there an alternative to manualy building a seperate Collision mesh?

If you open the asset in UE4 asset editor, then enable “use complex as simple” UE4 will make a very detailed collision, have you tried it?
I use it on complex ship interiors, 300m long ship with elevators/doorways and it works fine!