Collision help

Hey guys, so I’m currently working on a small indoor arena based environment using blocks for a university assignment, and I’ve been adding collision into the environment using box simplified collision for each floor, ceiling and wall.
The issue I’m facing is that I’ve noticed that in the model I’m working with, I’ve missed out two blocks on one of the walls, and will need to go back and add them in, export the model again and import it back into Unreal Editor.
Is there a way to do this without losing all of the collision I’ve made so far? Deadlines are coming up and I need to get this done as soon as possible so I can work on my other assignments, and I can’t afford to spend the time recreating all the collision boxes again.
Or even better, is there a quicker way of adding collision to the whole environment rather than doing it all using box simplified collision and adjusting each box to fit the walls?

see here…

or here…

this should answer your question but let me know if its not what you are looking for

Hey thanks for the reply, it looks like the second link is what I need to do, I would have replied sooner but my uni building closed.

When I checked for the options for the static mesh I couldn’t see one for collision complexity, so I’ll have to go back in the morning and work it out.

Thanks again!

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