Collision filtering appears ineffective?

  • I have a sphere, and I’ve set it to ignore every object layer except a custom one called Hitbox.
  • On a character, I’ve attached a capsule collider that is set as a Hitbox as its object type.
  • If I fire the sphere at the character, it collides with the character’s spawn point; a WorldDynamic object.
  • If I fire the sphere at a spiining coin, another WorldDynamic object, it also collides.

What am I overlooking, here? Hit and overlap events shouldn’t be raised in the above scenarios, but I can’t stop them with anything I know to do. Going by the blog, only touching the capsule ought to affect anything. Am I forgetting to do something? Just now I set the sphere to ignore literally every object layer, with No Collision flagged as well, and nothing has changed in the game’s actual behavior: the sphere still collides with dynamic objects. I’m really at a loss for what I’m supposed to do to control collisions, since they seem to have a mind of their own.

I’m still on 4.12, by the way.

UPDATE: I wasn’t disabling collision on the mesh of the object! I could unset whatever I wanted, on the collision object, but it didn’t mean anything if the child was still catching every object under the sun.