Collision Events to a Spline

Hi there,

I am working with the 3rd Person BP starter project and I am trying to create a section where I snap my player to a Spline, he can advance through the spline with the right and left movement (for backwards), and once he transitions to the end of the spline I snap him back to the original 3rd Person controls.

My issue is that I am not quite sure how to make a Trigger event switch the character to the Spline. I am thinking that if I collide with the box I snap to the first part of the spline, then once they advance to the end (and the next trigger) I can just revert back to the original character controller.

Here is what I have:

This is my movement along the spline (it works if I swap Collision1 with EventBeginPlay

This is my Level BP. It says I need a Third Person Character Reference, but I am having trouble getting that.

Thanks for any help!

I figured it out. I just created a bool for being on the spline or not, shared that with the level blueprint on begin play and used collision boxes to toggle to and from the spline.