Collision component / projectile problem

When i kill an enemy, the ragdoll falls to the ground but the collision component is still standing there blocking my projectiles from shooting an enemy standing behind the dead one.

I have a special collision class for my projectiles and my enemies projectiles separetely to handle all the hit collision.

my collision component on enemies has custom collision settings and is set to ignore my projectiles because i used the model mesh to score hits with and also to replace the fired projectile with a static mesh of the projectile like its sticking in the enemy.
all of that works fine but no matter what I do to this collision component, my shots bounce off of it.

setting it to overlap doesnt work…it still blocks them

destroying the collision component on death doesnt work because the ragdoll falls through the floor

any other component oriented nodes are not helping me somehow

can anyone help me brainstorm this problem?


Can you share a screenshot of your projectile collision? I’m thinking if it’s really set to object type ‘projectile’.
Collisions can be a real pain in the

Like I said, EVERYTHING works perfectly except for this. it simply ignores the “ignore or overlap setting” as if this were a bug of some sort and is something I never solved in getting all this to work perfectly


I had this problem with the capsule blocking click traces. What I ended up doing was, when the death event occurred, I set the capsule components collision to ‘no collision’. Node “set collision enabled”.

I thank thee ma’Lord…that worked absolutely perfect :smiley: Me= Mega happy!!

So easy right…seriously though thank you very much!