Collision Complexity?

How can you change your physics assets collision object, so it’s 100% accurate?
I do have a scanned mesh, and I need to make sure that the collision object is 100% precise.

No matter what Collision Complexity I chose… it’s never 100% accurate.
What am I missing here?

see the screenshot below and thanks for any little help

You are looking at simple collision. You can enable complex collision visualization to see the complex collision in addition. And afterwards you can use raycasts against complex collision to get exact locations. You can also set to “use complex collision as simple”. That should work for static objects to interact physically with other simulated objects. However, if you want for this object to be dynamic, you will have to generate new simple collision which will consist of convex collision objects. To do this use Collision->Auto Convex Collision tool in static mesh window (a small panel will popup with parameters for collision generation).