Collision box not registering dynamic objects


I really need help with something weird that is happening.

Here’s the deal… I have set up a trigger box that when overlapping with Pawn or Dynamic objects opens the doors. The first time I set it up it worked perfectly. Then I wanted it to ignore the Pawn which again was just fine. Now after a few weeks I come back to that same trigger box and it is not registering dynamic objects no matter what kind of settings I use for the trigger collision. The trigger still works if the Pawn is overlapping it tho… During this time I was working on other stuff (blueprints, triggers etc) maybe I accidentally did something.

I tried to recreate a different trigger with different door to see if there was something wrong with that particular system but it still only overlaps the Pawn but not dynamic objects.

I did more experimenting and set up a blueprint with a static mesh and a simple collision box around it so that if anything overlaps with it the mesh would start to simulate physics (fall down). And again the same issue. If the Pawn jumps on the mesh it falls. If I throw objects at it it stands still as a rock…

I’m losing my mind because I know that it is supposed to work!

Any help much appreciated.

My collision settings for the falling block.