Collision between two character

Hello, I Have two character, One that I control and another auto-controlled. Now I want that my auto-controlled character detect and turn to look at my controlled character so I made this blueprints :

But the box collision called here “Player collision” don’t want to detect my controlled character.

Waiting help from you guys and hope you have the answers.

So… i think this cannot work because it looks like your second “character” is scene (actor) component?
If yes then they both are as one collision actor… (but im not 100% sure)…
Imo, when your follower stop its movement, then fire “set rotation” node… there are more ways how to do it… if you want to check if that ovelap works, just put print string node and you will see if that overlap is fired or not…

Thanks for your reply but I just solve the problem some second before you post …

I’ve discovered magic of objects channels so I use it, add a new box collision to my controlled character and all works as I wanted.