Collision and Pawn Movement Replication not Working

I was reluctant to post this , because it seems like it should have been answered already but I searched and searched to no avail.

Here is a video of the problem:

I have a feeling the two issues are related. I have a bunch of stuff going on the in the game not setup for replication and I do not expect it to replicate. All I feel should be working is the client and server should both see each other moving as seems to be setup on the third person default game. In addition, when the player flies into my only static object in the game, which I have a blueprint for with a collision cube and static mesh, that I have named “blocker”, it flies right through. projectiles collide with it as expected however.

My player player pawn has most of the code, set to a player controller. I have enabled collision on both the static mesh and collision cube on the blocker, as well as the static mesh for the pawn, and a temporary collision cube on the pawn (added to attempt to solve this problem in case the issue was with the mesh).

Attached are pictures that show my settings.


EDIT: for what it’s worth, I am running a virtual dedicated server for this

As far as the replication of movement. You have a simple pawn as the root and not the ACharacter class it seems. The empty pawn does not have client side prediction built in like the ACharacter and UVehicle classes. You need to attach your input to a custom event that has it’s replication set as run on server. Then you use that event to control your movement.

Thanks, I will try that out.

However, the collision issue is the bigger of the two problems for me right now. I was able to replicate the problem immediately when trying to set up a new project from scratch, using a pawn class with floatingpawnmovement, as shown here replicated in blank project - YouTube
In this example, i simply allowed for forward and back movement , and I should collide with the floor. the default camera collides with the floor, and when I drag this pawn into the scene, the camera collides with it.
basically, when I create a pawn, and attach it to a mesh, with dynamic block all, and possess it, it doesn’t collide with anything. again, this is using the floatingpawnmovement component. Is this something I will have to solve with C++? When I looked into rebuilding my project based on one of the templates, such as the twin stick shooter, I found that although the pawn did not have a movement component attached, it had some default settings available (that differ from the settings available on the floatingpawnmovement component). It looks like something done in C++ that is not editable in blueprints. If this is the case I would like to know, so I can start learning C++… Please help!

EDIT: attached picture showing un-editable attributes for the twinstick pawn I am talking about