Code that works in 4.18 will not work in 4.19 on up?

Hey Guys,

Ok, I am running into some issue when using UE 4 (4.19) on up.

Code that works just fine in 4.18 somehow will not wok in 4.19 on up.

For example.

I am coding a function called MoveForward, I start off using (playerinputcomponents, bind it to an axis and then pass in the following parameters and here is the line of code.

playerinputcomponent->bindaxis(“MoveForward”. this, &ASCharacter::MoveForward I have this in my .cpp file.

Now, I jump over to the header file and my new function to “protected” since I want the player to be the only one that will use it,

here is the code.

I create my function

void MoveForward(float, Value);

ok, after that I create the implementation for it.

Now, this code works in 4.18, but when I upgraded to 4.19 it told me playerinputcomponent does not take 3 parameters anymore…

Why in the world would they change this??



4.19 was a major turning point on engine.
Most my work had to be redone, majority of my plugins had to be rebuilt too :confused:

Was like release of 4.11, updating code felt like hell…

The 3 parameters in the BindAxis function should still work, unless the function being bound too is incorrectly defined.

Can you copy and paste the code exactly, as

void MoveForward(float, Value);

is not the correct way to declare this function. It should be without the comma:

void MoveForward(float Value);


playerinputcomponent->bindaxis("MoveForward". this, &ASCharacter::MoveForward


playerinputcomponent->BindAxis("MoveForward", this, &ASCharacter::MoveForward);

Hi Dune, thanks for showing as helping attitude.

Yeah, I can understand adding to the code base, but when you take existing functions, that are at the engine at a certain version, and make changes to the parameters, thus breaking what you already have in place…I am not so sure why that is being done, other than things at the global level.

I guess they know what they are doing though, since they RULE the Planet.

Thanks ->

I went ahead just stayed on 4.18 since the entire lesson plan was built on that engine version.

I don’t have time to trouble-shoot a “Lesson” if you know what I mean…

But the good news is that I am eating the lessons up…and comprehending what each line, function, forward class declamations, header files, ETC means…