Code Appearing with red error Lines regardless

Hi, My code in visual studio appears with red error lines even though the code isn’t registered as an error. Is there anyway I can correct the error appearance in visual studio. Thanks

Hit f7 to compile in visual studio instead of UE4 editor, compiling from Visual studio is the same and will also result in a hot reload but make Visual studio happy for the time. Its not necessary but you can do that every 1 in 10 compiles just for asthetics.

Hi, the ue4 code still appears as an error despite not being an error. Iv only compiled the code through visual studio but continues to appear as such. Is there a way for the code to be more recognised by visual studio as It’s making it difficult to view relative functions for the member variables.


Hello BeePro01,

When you say “red error lines” do you mean the red “squigglies”, as people call them, underneath the individual lines of code? If so, these are most likely false-positives caused by IntelliSense. If it is causing you problems, I would suggest disabling it by going to Tools > Options > Text Editor > C/C++ > Advanced > IntelliSense and then setting Disable IntelliSense to true. This will get rid of the functionality of auto completion however. There are alternatives to IntelliSense that are more efficient but most of those extensions require the purchase of a license.

Hi Mathew thanks for that suggestion and yes they are definitely red “squigglies”. I don’t want to disable intelliSense only so I can grasp if I do make any mistakes. The problem that I’m having is because of the way the code all appear as an error I don’t get to see any suggestions as to what functions are linked to any given variable. Rather than disabling the IntelliSense or purchasing any extention alternatives in their any way the built in intelliSense can recognise the unreal engine source code.