Code and logic to use meshes as in game 'buttons'?

I’m new at Unreal, so I don’t know if this is the right place to ask this - please let me know

In many immersive sandbox games, like SkyRim, there are puzzles to figure out. Switches to pull, panels to push, levers to step on, what have you.

Never mind the ‘button’ method, but is there a pure sample of, say, a room in a level with 3 ‘buttons’ that are floating in front of the user, when you select one, ‘click’ it, or ‘activate’ it, then 5 new buttons appear in their place to be selected for the next round of decisions. Other than the buttons placed in the room, floating in front of the user, I don’t care about the graphics part. They could be buttons to press, knobs to turn, or little rubber yellow ducks that you squeeze, I don’t care.

What I need to know is the programing behind them; the c++ code to support such ‘menuing’ in game. I don’t want a pause menu.

I want an interactive in game menu, and understand how to code the background logic around them, replace existing ‘buttons’ with new ones, handling events of buttons , replacing what meshes are visible and active, and what level of ‘menu’ you’re in. Really, I need to know how to support specific, in game events, and how to affect the world in code, I suppose.

If it takes combining a few different examples together to build up this requirement in pieces, I don’t mind either.

Any help appreciated!
(I love this engine so far!)

I think you are looking for something like this: ?v=vBADl-gbITQ :slight_smile:
But keep in mind that you have to “destroy” (destroy node) the “old” buttons so that they completely disappear

Does it have to be C++?, I created something similar when I played around with a DHD for a stargate test I was running. Ok the buttons didn’t disappear or get replaced by new ones but it wouldn’t have taken much to make it work.