Co-Developer Blueprint and C++ for RTS

Looking for another coder for blueprints and C++. I don’t need an expert, but I do need someone who knows more about C++ and Unreal than I. I am coming from and OBJC/iOS background to here. This position may be paid and will require a Contract to include a signed NDA. Please respond with a PM to include:

Expected Compensation
Linked Portfolio(helps but not required)

Be prepared to:
Do a Skype interview where you showcase your skill by building/solving a problem I give.
Have fun and enjoy a relaxed environment where we make something great.

warm regards,

Add me on Skype: cjsavage56

I can show you what i got.

Skype: filipe.tessaro
add me pls if you want to chat a little, thanks

can you clarify what you mean by ‘may be’ paid ? The thread prefix is paid, so knowing the conditions of it being or not being paid would be helpful for potential candidates