Cloth with clothtool and blender

Hey guys first post :).
I came from CryEngine recently and I must say I love Unreal Engine 4.

Anyways I use Blender and I see that as far as UE4 cloth goes it only supports Maya and Max. I seen
Blender UE4 Cloth - YouTube Geo Dav’s video…

And I have physix cloth tool and I can get my cloth simulated and exported but I am having the same issue he had on his flag…My cloth has random rendering issues. It has black flashing areas like his flag does in the video. I’m Assuming it has something to do with the tangents or something? Does anyone have any tips or info to help me get cloth working right from blender to UE4…

Sorry for rambling this was quick typed while on my 15 min break at work so I can’t proof read much.

Have you tried clicking “Generate Tangent Space” in the first tab of the cloth tool after painting the max distances?

Edit: just noticed this question is quite old, are you still having difficulties with cloth physics in UE4?

Thanks Dan,

I went ahead and purchased Maya and have been working on static meshes and populating my world. Thanks for the answer though. There may be a time when I get back into blender and/or cloth tool.