Cloth simulation collide with other skeletal mesh

Hi, I can’t find a definitive answer on if/how you can set nvcloth simulation on one skeletal mesh to collide with the physics asset of a different skeletal mesh.

The most common use for this would be the ability to dynamically change simulated nvcloth clothing or hair on a character. I jwant to do it because I have a complicated headdress/hair and would like to separate it from my pawn’s mesh to simplify iteration.

Much appreciated if anyone can tell me if a) this is just not possible or b) some clue on how to achieve it?

Bump, I have the same problem right now. Have you found an answer?

Nope, this area of UE is pretty skinny on the help side. I’ve decided to put my cloth work on hold until Chaos cloth is official (4.26.1?), fingers crossed that now that all the physics code is Epic’s it will become better documented and more feature-rich.