Cloth sims issues in 4.26

Hi everyone First time writing on this forum. Habitually i’m able to resolve my problem watching instruction online but this time i’ve read a lot of forum post and watch almost all tutorial and i cant solve my problem with the cloth simulation.

I’m doing my character in blender and i’ve rigged my character with Mrs.mannequin tool so i can get a big animation library. My cloth are individualy weighted to a single bone and are on a different material. all of this in one mesh.

My problem is that when i paint with 100 paint value in the cloth sims i’ve got some part that still don’t fully simulate.

I Would love them to act like the part circled in Red in the last print screen, but i dont know why only certain part fully works :frowning:

If you need any more information or if you get an idea of the problem don’t hesitated to help :slight_smile:

Thank you