Cloth physics with world collision

Heya guys, it’s been a long time since I last visited.

There is a feature that appears to be not on Unreal yet or I didn’t notice it, but as I decided to return with the engine today (thanks to a way faster internet), I recall that the Cloth feature pretty much only works as a visual one for movements, unless you insert another model in your skeletal mesh to make it work with a collision, but it won’t collide with anything else. The only “way” outside I’ve found is that you’ll need lots of joints to create the collision shapes, but no “as you think” cloth with just a influence painting in regard of resistance that can colide with anything.

I’m not the best person to speak about since I don’t know how to code except Blueprint, I even did tests using the Vehicle Offroad example as it could be something easily expanded to solid things, but since it’s totally dependent of the movement as it doesn’t consider the outside collision, it mostly works as a “placebo”.

But without further ado, is there any kind of collision option with other assets be skeletal or static? Without relying on a bunch of joints for the deformation and it’s collision shapes, just like the curtains in the original Splinter Cell and Borderlands 2 that they can be destructible thanks to the Physx option.