Cloth and CCD Collision

Hi All
just a quick question if anyone knows if UE5 supports the ability to have CCD collision with Cloth (in particular with the skeletal mesh “body”).

I have create a dress for my character I really like and I want to have it “naturally” fall against the poly’s of the character that is wearing it. I have tried to make this work with lots of little tapered capsule colliders on the physics asset but it never quite looks as good as I would like.

I would LOVE if I am missing something and can just forego the physics asset for cloth collision and have it CCD with the actual underlaying mesh.

One note, I am 100% aware of the performance implications, this is for a film project and not a game so am not too concerned with performance. I can make the cloth look good in Houdini but really want to do this 100% in UE5 due to the way I am performing animations in Unreal (I don’t want to do Alembic or VAT’s - I really want it to be dynamic in Unreal)

Thanks in advance.

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