Clone UE4 repo into other server

Can I clone my UE4 repository to other private server ?


The main problem is Github don’t offer real private repositories but all the others in the top list give private repos.
So I can move my UE4 source code repo from Github to other of that servers in a private repo form without license problems etc ?
*The repo is for the exclusive use of me and/or my company in development.
*Talking about problems with license or EULA etc.

I don’t know about the licensing side of things (haven’t looked), but if you don’t care about the commit history it’s easy enough to just create a blank repo on bitbucket (or wherever), clone it into an empty folder, copy over everything from the local copy of your github repo (except .git, obviously), then commit and push to bitbucket.

Git repositories are server agnostic and portable. That’s part of their beauty. There are many ways you can create a copy of the UE4 source repository on another Git hosting site.

As one example, Bitbucket makes this super easy. From Bitbucket, choose “import repository”. All you have to do is provide it with the URL of the UE4 Github repository and it will take care of the rest. It will keep the full history of the repository.

Beyond that, there are even ways to have your local working copy of the repository point to both the original UE4 repository as one “origin” and your copy as a second “origin” so that you can still benefit from updates made to the UE4 Github repository by retaining the ability to pull down updates and merge them into your code. For more info on getting that set up I’d recommend reading the Git documentation about origins.

From a EULA standpoint, so long as you’re not sharing the code with non-engine licensees, you’re fine to do that.

Then all is fine correct ?

Can you answer me in the answer to accept ?

Yes, I think it’s fine