Client's pawn's player state is sometimes null

I’m trying to check when a player clicks on a pawn to see if he “owns” the pawn by comparing the pawn’s player id from player state to the player’s player id and if they match they you can do other things. While running in PIE (with 2 clients) sometimes the player state is null and i can’t figure out why. Sometimes I can PIE like 5 times and everything works but then the next 3 won’t its pretty random.

The server and his pawn always works, its only the client and his replicated pawn that sometimes does not work.

When are you accessing the player state?
It takes some time to replicate the objects so if you access the player state when initializing it may not exist.

I access it when I click on the pawn, is there anyway to request the player state to get re-replicated in the case when its null?

Can you show us the code?

Your Pawn has to be possessed in order to have a playerstate, so this might be a timing problem?

+1. I have this exact problem, using UE 4.9. This is not a timing problem, I can run with my character but the Player State is sometimes null (and will be null until the end of that play session).