Client stuck after servertravel

Hello guys,
we have exactly this problem:

If the client loads faster than the server, the client is getting stuck in a limbo (some random camera placement, no controll) and disconnected after a while.
The bug should be fixed in newer UE Versions - we’re using 4.13 right now, so it should be fixed?

The other solution posted by neo

doesn’t make any sense to me, because the Client is not stuck until the server is loaded up, but instead stuck forever. So overriding the NotifyLoadedWorld event wouldn’t change anything, would it?
And, the player controllers aren’t getting “refreshed”, too. So player #2 becomes host’s Player controller, and host becomes player #2.

This only happens when the client is loading fast than the server. It’s working perfectly fine if we switch the host.

Any ideas how to fix this?
Thank you!

Well, just tried to use the NotifyLoadedWorld solution, but we can’t override it with blueprints, haha. Damned.

bump guys, we need to figure out this one

Hi there.

What I meant in that quote is that you can override NotifyLoadedWorld to set the camera transformation so player camera is not placed on the first player start that is found (see APlayerController::NotifyLoadedWorld).
But this is hardly the solution to your problem.

Sounds like something is breaking somewhere in your code, this is not normal behavior.