Client Rotation Not Updating on Other Clients or Server

Having a problem with my rotation from my Clients. Sever rotation is fine and that updates to all clients. Clients rotation however does not update to the server or other clients it only updates it to itself.

I have attached the blueprint, the custom axis inputs have been managed within the editor preferences. As well as the DeadZone variable is a value of 0 which is never changed in game.


I am just gonna go out on a whim here and assume that you are missing a getauthority node. Could be wrong though. I do remember after reviewing the networking tutorials on blueprint that authority was a big thing.

Finally got it working! I had to do the calculations in the player controller then set the control rotation of the player controller. Then in the pawn I added a tick event then set the actor rotation based off of the player controller rotation.

Pawn Blueprint


Player Controller Blueprint