Client pawn not moving, UE 4.8.3

Hi, I’m trying to build an application for an android device for the first time so I started with the Stick Shooter project in Unreal Engine 4.8.3. I Remove everything in the blueprint of the character and I added the code under for both axis. The blueprint is set to replicate and to replicate movement. I am able to move the character in the server window and it move in the client too, but when I move the client character, it doesn’t move at all. I’m sure I did a stupid mistake but I’m too tired to see it… Also, I added a floating pawn movement component to the character, I don’t think I changed anything to it… :slight_smile:
I am still trying to make it work directly on the computer without using the publish ( I set the number of players to 2 in the “Play” window… )

bp.bmp (711 KB)