Client Mesh Component Spawns Near Host

I am currently Debugging my Network Replication for my RocketLauncher weapons. The goal is to have each rocket disappear when the projectile spawns and then reappear when the slot reloads.

Everything is working as intended on the host side but, on the client side, the meshes created are near the host character and not the clients character. They do attach to the client and move when the client moves but, are not spawning in the proper location.

Hi, can you make your code images bigger?, cause they are too small to see anything and without seeing whats going on one can only guess :slight_smile:

Image is 1920 x 1105… open in a new tab to see it fully

It very hard to make it all out. You can upload it here as attachments to your post. That’s the best practice anyway in case the image/s gets deleted from a server they’re on, making it impossible to see them in the future (years from now)