Client ends up in a different world then the Server


A while ago Playing from the editor with 2 players, was fine, I would see client from server and the other way around.
Trying it now simply does not now for no apparent reason.

When I hit Play I can, for a split second see the client character from the server’s view port and then he disappears immediately.
A video showing the issue:

In the video, you can see me hitting Play and seeing the client character disappearing a second after. Footage was capturing the server’s viewport.
Any idea of what could be wrong here?

Could you provide us with both the client and the server logs?

Can you tell me the directory of both server and client logs?
Is it this one? Documents\Unreal Projects\ProjectZero\Saved\Logs?

Found the issue on the log.

[2015.02.05-07.56.53:010][867]LogNet:Error: ReceivedBunch: RPC_GetLastFailedReason: Server_SetVehicleThrottle_Validate

Commenting out the part of code solves the issue.