Click events in AIController to make AI move with BehaviourTree MoveTo


I’m trying to create a follower system for my Action RPG game. I want the AI follower to move to a random point in navigable radius around the main Player Character when clicking somewhere on the ground.

The problem I’m having is that the AI doesn’t take input from the AIController, unless I set Auto Receive Input to Player 0. In that case the follower is moving toward the random point in navigable radius that I specified in the AIController. But my main characters movement is blocked when I set AIcontroller’s Auto Receive Input to player 0…

In my player controller I tried to set Auto Receive Input to Disabled and to Player 0, but both doesn’t work. I also set the priority to 1, but still my main characters movement is blocked.

Any ideas? Any help would be greatly appreciated!



I found a different solution for my problems.

I added a sphere to my main character blueprint that specifies the location at which the follower should always run to when in idle state. When in combat state, the follower will run in attack range of the closest enemy he can find.

Works pretty well to my expectations so far

Actually I still need to be able to get input from the AIController to work with behaviour trees for the next feature, attacking clicked enemies.

Anyone got any ideas why my input from AIcontroller is not working?