Click event not detected after changing canvas overlay visibility


I have a mobile phone interface (01.JPG) and I want to switch between different views - in this case overlays - depending on where you click.

Click events in the first view are detected, then it switches to the second view. However once I’m in the second view click are not triggered anymore (02.JPG). However hovered events are still, as you can see on image.

By default the hidden views are set to “Collapsed” (I also tried “Hidden”), so my UMG blueprint is toggling between “Visible” (I also tried “Not Hit Testable self-only”) and “Collapsed” depending on the clicked button. I tried various thing such as changing the “Is Enabled” variable, setting opacity of the view to 0, drawing non-visible views out of the visible area so they don’t overlap with each others…but none works :).

Here is my UMG setup (03.JPG).

Thanks for your help!