CLI crashes when creating any complicated model

As the title says, I’ve been unable to batch any models using -msvHigh since I’ve had the cli subscription. The machine simply reboots at some point during the process, of course, this only happens on production quality settings and works fine on draft/preview modes.

The log has no useful info, Here’s one that just crashed after 5-10 mins after previously failing in this phase after 2-3hrs. In this case, the scene was previously aligned and this project had loaded and started the depth phase of creating the model.

RealityCapture RC (c) Capturing Reality s.r.o.
Using 16 CPU cores
Added 666 images
Loading Project completed in 5.235 seconds

The project works when running manually.

Here’s an example of the CLI cmd with the full Network Path shortened to NETWORKPATH

“C:\Program files\Capturing Reality\RealityCapture\RealityCapture.exe” -load “\NETWORKPATH\batchTesting\test_data\AC_rcProcessed_\rcProjects\AC_low.rcproj” -mvsPreview -save “\NETWORKPATH\test_data\AC_rcProcessed_\rcProjects\AC_low_model.rcproj” -quit

This crash seems to always happen during the model building phase and interestingly, I see the UI ‘Loading Project’, then I see the project load and start the depth map part, during this the UI still reads loading project and the console shows a progress bar showing depth. I suspect it’s this that’s causing the issue.

The machine is Xeon E5-2687, 2 titan x cards, 128 gigs of ram.

I really need to get support on this issue. Can I open a direct support case?

Doug Brooks - Technical Art Director - EA Games.

(account is under Llarson )

check the reliability graph from windows.

To open it, press windows key, type in reliability.

It may help you pinpoint what exactly happened more than digging through thousands of log entries.

Nothing mentioning RC but I do see the history of window shutting down.

Unfortunately, all it says is 'the previous system shutdown at [time] was unexpected.

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