Clear steps for setting up a HUD for Gear VR

Hello, i was looking for quite some time now to get information on how to generate a good HUD for VR Gear. Unfortunately i really don’t find any clear instructions or guides how to start. The creation of a simple HUD with widgets is not the problem here but rather what steps i have to do to get my now basic HUD ready for VR.

Topic steps may be here:

  • Distance to camera
  • Duplicate HUD for each eye
  • and so on…

If anyone has clear instructions, a tutorial or guide to do so i would really appreciate it

Thanks for every help.

Hey Felix, These are the instructions for setting this up, beware that it worked in 4.10 but seems to be broken in later versions of UE - It seems to be a bug judging by the forum posts about it. Heopfully if it gets fixed then thisd should still work.