Clear/Reset ControllerPitchInput?

Hello! In my game I switch between having the camera attached to a spring arm for third person, and attached to a socket in first person.
I managed to reset the rotation of my camera when changing to third person fine (so that it exits to a neutral rotation instead of looking at the sky or ground), and I wish to do the same when I enter first person.

However, the first person camera view rotation is simply set by using:

   PlayerInputComponent->BindAxis("LookY", this, &ATribesmenCharacter::AddControllerPitchInput);


PlayerCameraComponent->bUsePawnControlRotation = true;

Which while simple to set up, I don’t actually know how to do anything with the values.

When I rotate the camera while in third person, it will change the value that’s used for AddControllerPitchInput and subsequently, the camera will inherit this when entering first person.

How do I reset the held input value to zero?