Classic Unreal Editor Issues

I know it’s wrong section,but I have problems with Jazz Jackrabbit 3D Unreal Classic Editor he can’t find file named threed32.ocx some links seems to be outdated.Admin and Moderator are blocking me correct section compatible to your forum requirements.I have all files to open this first Unreal Engine Game Editor please help me solving this problem?

Now it’s working.I have new problem how can i open .utx file textures from Blender to my Jazz Jackrabbit model to Unreal Editor 4?

This here is the Unreal Engine 4 forum, so it would be better when you ask your question in the right forum. :wink:
Also make sure to always save your textures as png/jpg/tga file.

Instead of Modern Unreal Editor forum renovation.Thanks for tip.I bet in 90’s of xx century this forum looked different than now.