Class not showing up in SpawnActorByClass


I have a C++ class that’s a child of AActor. If I go to level blueprint and type SpawnActorByClass I can see my class there and select it. That’s fine.

But now I have a blueprint that’s based on that class. And for some reason when I try to use SpawnActorByClass to spawn that blueprint I don’t see the blueprint class in the list. Only the base is there.

Any ideas ? Is there something special that needs to be added/exist in the blueprint in order to be able to spawn it from the level ? Or is there something I might be missing from my C++ class in order to make blueprints inherit from it (I do have Blueprintable on it). Note that I can drop this blueprint directly in the level editor and it works fine.

This is the base class of the blueprint (and again - I can see this one in the list offered by SpawnActorByClass. What I can’t see is the blueprint classes that derive from it):

class TEST_API AMyActor : public AActor


Wow… this is actually a UE4 bug (possibly 4.7.6). Check this out. My class is called TestActor.

Here’s the pic 1. Here you can see that I am typing Test and my TestActor is not showing up. The last shown item is ScriptTestActor. Also note that I moved the selection all the way to the end (highlight) using arrow keys:


Now - look at this. Here I pressed the arrow down key once more. It went into an inivisible part of the scrollbox :


Now I hit Enter - and voila - TestActor is there. It was just below ScriptTestActor, but not shown in the scrollbox and there was no scrollbar to move down.


What makes this worse is that blueprints don’t allow typing a known class name and hitting enter so you have to find it in the invisible area using arrow keys (I was lucky that it was right under the last visible item. There are a bunch of others after that). Opening a bug…