Clarification texuresheet or texture map?

Hi. I would like to get something clarified when texturing. I understand that this is most likely a preference thing, but I am just still confused. At first, my thoughts are, if the asset is modular, than a texturesheet would suffice better and if the asset is a whole, such as a building or house, than I would think most would make texture map. However, it is a little confusing because if I am making a modular brick wall and a house that uses the same brick, than why would I a make a texturesheet for the modular piece and then create another brick texture for a house. Then again, I start to think, I would make the 2 different brick textures because, with a house, it is harder to keep good resolution without breaking the UV’s into smaller pieces, which sometimes there is only so much you can do to break the UVs into smaller pieces or there is the problem with making more texture seams. So then I go back to trying to just use a texturesheet, whicjh does not always work, and it becomes one, big, confusing, cycle for me. Could anyone help me?