Circle Under Current Player?

I have this character swapping and I would like to put a blue circle around the bottom of the current player (on the ground) but honestly have no idea how I would go about doing that, any help would be great.


I would add a decal (like in the top down template) and set it visible on swaping your active camera or player (don’t knows how you managed the swap :slight_smile: ).

Hope this help.

This is probably a hack way, but you could always put a circle under the character in the character BP as a plane or mesh and just set it to visible or not depending if that character is the one being controlled.

Have you considered a deferred decal?

You just would need to add one as a component to the actor’s blueprint and it would then cast down on the ground around the player. You would just need to create a decal material with the texture you wanted.

Problem at Decals is:
It will always draw on other Objects, like Characters that stand near to each other, too.

Putting a Circle in the Blueprint, as mentioned by Jimminy_Cricket, is the easiest way.

There is a tickbox that enables/disables whteher Decals are rendered on the mesh or not.

I’d just have it as near the ground as possible, potentially with a height check for un-equal grounding. If it’s a ring shape then the player model would be inside the alpha’d area anyway.

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