Cinematic controls for player

I’m pretty new to UE4, currently focusing on level building, but I’d like to allow the player to take photos or videos of the landscape I’m creating. Ideally it could be as robust as UE’s cinematic kit, so players can fool around with different lenses etc. Can anyone point me in the direction of where I could learn how to implement this?

There should be plenty of photomode blueprint tutorials for UE4 on Youtube I’d imagine. And if not, there are certainly many products on the UE4 Marketplace that provide that functionality along with documentation on how to integrate it with your project. =)

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Thank you! I did find one called “cine cam” in the marketplace that I’m just learning to implement now. Now the only thing I’d like to add is an ability to add filters and then I’ll have a full cinematic camera! Thanks again.

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Happy to help. Good luck! =)