Cinematic camera (matinee) to player controller


In my project, i have something like this:

  • A first scene where we have a cinematic camera showing the environment meanwhile our character is walking in the world.
    Then, the camera is approaching to our character and it’s converted to a third person player controller. (I put the cinematic camera in the same position of the third camera character, and i make the change).

My problem is the next one…

My character spawns when the game starts on the “Player Start” object.

Which is the problem? The problem is that i can’t use it for my matinee, because it isn’t spawned yet…

My temporal solution was to put my “Player Start” in a non-visible angle… and i made the cinematic (matinee) with another character.

Then, when the matinee ends, i made a teleport of my character, destroy the other character and activate “player movement”.

Is any clear way to make this?
Ps: I think that it is related with game mode, but i don’t know how to do this…