CinemaGrass - Free Extreme Grass for Cinematic Projects or Small Areas

This is a patch of grass I made with 4 LODs. It would be very suitable for arch vis, or for any scenes/cinematics that you want to pre-render. It makes for very beautiful and lush plains and forests. But, it would be unsuitable for real-time use, as the average poly-count for a large field of grass can be between 60,000,000 and 350,000,000 polygons.

I had originally used this asset for a small pre-rendered sequence used in an opening for a 2D video game that’s being developed in a different engine. But, I thought that others would find this model useful for a similar purpose. It’s got some basic wind deformation in the grass material.

Each blade of grass is roughly 50 polygons on the highest LOD.

LOD0 = 115,200 Triangles
LOD1 = 23,040 Triangles
LOD2 = 11,520 Triangles
LOD3 = 7,776 Triangles

Now, why is the lowest poly count for a piece of foliage so high? Well… LOD3 appears so small on the screen so you may want to have the cull distance set soon after that last LOD transition.

If I get time in the future, I’ll post some alternate versions of this, including mowed grass, smaller chunks etc. Took me about 1hr 30mins to upload this one xD


Here’s some screenshots:




Neat! Thanks for sharing.

murders framerate

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When is the mowed grass coming?