CineCamera ISO Property Can't Record By TakeRecorder

Hi, Guys:
when i record a sequence.i modified the iso, But the iso has no changed in sequence.
I want to know why the iso can’t be recorded,

By the way, I find something:

the iso is unkeyable!!! the property of keyable is appear to sequence track. i can’t sure that is the reason why iso can’t be recorded,
新建位图图像 (2).bmp (632.4 KB)

And the iso must be recorded,because i want to use unrealengine to virtual production…
Best Wishes!!!

I met the same problem …

I solved this issue by Recompiling Unreal Engine source code.

Looks like it’s NOT marked as being animatable. If you have access to source code, you can add the ‘interp’ keyword to the CameraISO UPROPERTY definition. It’s in Scene.h here:

/** The camera sensor sensitivity in ISO.*/
	UPROPERTY(interp, EditAnywhere, BlueprintReadWrite, Category="Lens|Camera", meta=(ClampMin = "1.0", tooltip = "The camera sensor sensitivity", editcondition = "bOverride_CameraISO", DisplayName = "ISO"))
    float CameraISO;

Thank You Very Much!!

yeah I just do it

Best Wishes For You… :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: